Crawford WoodWorks

From an early age I loved to work with my hands, and knew that craft was going to be my life's work. I first began with metalworking as an apprentice blacksmith, learning welding, metallurgy and forgecraft. I enjoyed my instruction but it didn’t feel like what I was meant to be doing. Soon after, I took a couple woodworking classes and was immediately hooked.  As I continued woodworking classes, and consumed every book I could get my hands on, I built many small and large projects for friends and family in every bit of spare time I could afford.

To professionally polish my skills, I went to The Chippendale International School of Furniture, just outside of Edinburgh, Scotland. I excelled in my courses, gaining an extensive breadth of techniques and skills in both traditional and contemporary woodworking and graduated in 2011 with an expansive portfolio.

After returning to the San Francisco Bay Area in California, I started working full-time from one project to the next. Born from the love of woodwork, and honed with planning and dedication, Crawford Woodworks had become a reality.