Creation Process

Crawford WoodWorks

For any piece I create, I deal personally with the client to make sure their piece is precisely what they want and will blend into its desired environment, whether outdoors or indoors.

At the client's request, I can provide original designs or I can recreate an existing design, regardless of whether the source has only been seen in pictures or to recreate a favorite piece that cannot be restored. 
Before work begins and lumber is cut, I will compose a detailed, functional, 3D sketch of the client's piece using Google SketchUp for the client to review my proof-of-concept.

In regards to the lumber I prefer, I primarily use domestic North American hard woods from sustainable sources such as Ash, Black Cherry, Hard Maple, Oak, and Walnut. Nonetheless, I do use many other varieties depending on the client's preferences.

When I’m making a piece, I want it to be clean, simple and beautiful. I especially want to portray the grain and colors of the wood that speak to the viewer.

Conversely, we live in a world overrun with mass-produced, mundane examples of woodwork. It is my belief that anyone can appreciate furniture that stands out as a presence in their home. I look forward to providing that for you.